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Academy Hours Correction.pdf197.07kB
Academy Hours Detention.pdf213.8kB
Academy Hours Emergency Comunication.pdf81.75kB
Academy Hours Juvenile Corrections.pdf145.88kB
Academy Hours Juvenile Detention.pdf205kB
Academy Hours Juvenile Probation.pdf207.8kB
Academy Hours Misdemeanor Probation.pdf213.34kB
Academy Hours Patrol.pdf247.91kB
Academy Hours Probation Parole.pdf207.57kB
Academy Hours Reserve.pdf115kB
Academy Safety Rules.pdf283.79kB
Academy Student Handbook.pdf426.04kB
Address Confidentiality Form for LE Officers.pdf641.71kB
App for Military LE Credit.pdf226.76kB
Application for Certification Officers.pdf794.05kB
Application for Certification School.pdf573.88kB
Blooms Taxonomy Job Aid.pdf76.7kB
Class Roster Generic.pdf123.42kB
Code of Ethics Decert Conduct Other Leg.pdf129.91kB
Computer Lab Policy.pdf10.35kB
Curriculum Change Form.pdf157.46kB
ELearning Completion Letter.pdf131.93kB
Extension Request.pdf83.52kB
FTO Completion Form.pdf343.91kB
Firearms Basic Qualification.pdf1.56MB
High Liability Endorsement Instructor Requirements.pdf337.08kB
Higher Level Breakdown .pdf216kB
Idaho POST Style Guide.pdf557.61kB
Instructor CV Template.docx21.42kB
Instructor Cert Packet General Topics.pdf367.37kB
Instructor Cert Packet High Liability.pdf134.55kB
Instructor Claim Reimbursement.pdf281.89kB
Instructor Code of Conduct Ethics.pdf107.34kB
Instructor Seminar Log.pdf85.14kB
K9 Controlled Subs Detection Cert.pdf118.52kB
K9 Evidence Search Cert.pdf120.61kB
K9 Explosive Detection Cert.pdf121.58kB
K9 Patrol Dog Cert.pdf142.96kB
K9 Tracking Cert.pdf122.68kB
LE Program ALERRT Student Test.pdf224.97kB
LE Program ARCON Student Test.pdf178.93kB
LE Program Drivers Training Rating Sheet.pdf60.12kB
LE Program Firearms Basic Qualification.pdf1.56MB
LE Program Physical Readiness Test Patrol Det.pdf273.2kB
LE Program TAC_MED_PE.pdf150.52kB
Lesson Plan Template.docx130.33kB
Medical Physical Suggested Guidelines.pdf93.69kB
Non CJ Applicant Privacy Stmt.pdf203.86kB
Personal Inquiry Waiver.pdf111.04kB
Physical Readiness Test Correction.pdf52.12kB
Physical Readiness Test Patrol Det PO.pdf273.2kB
Physical Readiness Test Waiver.pdf119.57kB
PowerPoint Black.pptx3.15MB
PowerPoint Blue.pptx3.03MB
PowerPoint Gray.pptx4.63MB
Reserve I Academy Checklist.pdf139.14kB
User Agreement Classrooms.pdf178.04kB
User Agreement Driving Track.pdf178.74kB
User Agreement Equipment.pdf184.98kB
User Agreement Physical Training Areas.pdf203.72kB
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