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Attention! Have you learned about the newly required 24 hours?

Do you hold Peace Officer Certification? Your POST training requirements got an update. The existing 40-hour mandate must now include 24 hours of specific training. These cover firearms (8 hours with annual qualification), arrest techniques/defensive tactics (8 hours), EVOC (4 hours), and legal updates (4 hours). Remember, these changes are currently in effect for officers whose 2-year training cycle started January 1, 2023, and is in place for all cycles moving forward. Stay compliant to maintain certification. 12.28 Maintaining Certification


POST is looking for LE

Subject Matter Experts 

With the results from the Patrol and Detention Job Task Analysis Surveys, POST Curriculum will be updating and streamlining the Patrol and Detention Basic Academy Curricula. 

We are looking for Idaho Peace Officers who are passionate about training and are willing to volunteer their time to develop class content.

If you are interested, please e-mail us via the Curriculum page. We will be in touch to discuss the details.

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