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Instructor Certifications

Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) oversees the process for instructor certification, renewal, and revocation. POST certification is required for individuals instructing law enforcement subjects or general subjects pertinent to law enforcement personnel.

Prior to becoming a POST-certified instructor, individuals must first meet minimum requirements. Individuals must be employed by a law enforcement agency in a certified position; they must have a minimum of three years (3) years in law enforcement and have taken a POST Certified Instructor Development Course or equivalent. Having met all those requirements, then individuals may apply for Instructor Certification.

Once an application is submitted to POST, it will go through a series of reviews for approval. Once approved, a Regional Training Coordinator will notify the applicant of that approval and that they must arrange a date for a teaching assessment. When scheduling a date, the applicant must have a POST-certified instructor present during their assessment. A Regional Training Coordinator may request a current copy of the course/training curriculum, training/sign in roster, and/or an updated copy of the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) during an applicant’s teaching assessment. The applicant should instruct on a topic they have experience in. 

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