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Office of Professional Responsibility

The Idaho Legislature formally established the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (POST Council) for the purpose, among others, of setting requirements for employment, retention, and training of peace officers, including formulating standards of moral character, and other such matters as relate to the competence and reliability of peace officers. The POST Council also has the power to decertify peace officers upon findings that a peace officer is in violation of certain specified standards, including criminal offenses, or violation of any of the standards of conduct as established by the Council’s Code of Ethics.  – IDAPA 11, Title 11, Chapter 01


The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is an office within the Idaho Division of Peace Officer Standards and Training. OPR is staffed by OPR Manager, and contract investigators located throughout the State of Idaho. All the investigators are former federal, state, or local law enforcement officers. POST investigators endeavor to complete thorough, competent investigations to ensure the entire story is presented during the reporting of allegations against peace officers and others we certify. It is a mainstay of POST’s mission to maintain an ethical and lawful law enforcement profession for the people of Idaho.


POST Council Code of Ethics

Integrity Bulletins

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