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POST Procedures

This page has been created to assist agencies in accessing and understanding the standards and procedures used at POST to conduct business. The current IDAPA Rule 11.11.01 can be found here.

File Name File Size
12.01 Implementing ISP Procedures.pdf338.65kB
12.02 Employee Empowerment.pdf848.82kB
12.03 Risk Assessment.pdf387.54kB
12.04 Workplace Emergencies.pdf339.51kB
12.05 Contracts and Agreements.pdf716.96kB
12.06 POST Coordinator Uniforms.pdf710.53kB
12.07 Use of POST Vehicles Fleet Management.pdf635.72kB
12.08 Media Releases.pdf336.15kB
12.09 Flex Time Compressed Workweek Schedule.pdf670.79kB
12.10 Instructor Certification.pdf717.38kB
12.11 Master Instructor Certification.pdf671.65kB
12.12 Advance Approval of In Service Training.pdf713.33kB
12.13 Canine Team Certification.pdf691.34kB
12.14 Officer Two Year Agreements.pdf728.37kB
12.15 Challenging a Basic Training Academy.pdf360.53kB
12.16 Written and Demonstrative Assessments.pdf674.72kB
12.17 Scenario Development Execution and Assessment.pdf631.25kB
12.18 Curriculum.pdf783.14kB
12.19 Student Injury Illness.pdf650.95kB
12.20 Student Disenrollment Dismissal.pdf714.05kB
12.21 LE Certification Programs Reserve Academies.pdf640.06kB
12.22 Certification of Tribal Peace Officers.pdf382.64kB
12.23 Firearms Range Operations.pdf647.93kB
12.24 Emergency Vehicle Operations Course.pdf1.05MB
12.25 Opening Decertification Investigations.pdf325.68kB
12.26 Conducting Decertification Investigations.pdf145.62kB
12.27 Decertification Process.pdf405.92kB
12.28 Continuing Certification Through Training.pdf795.27kB
12.29 Organizational Structure of POST.pdf843.93kB
12.30 POST Facilities and Equipment.pdf831.48kB
12.31 POST Administrator Emeritus.pdf667.67kB
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