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Welcome to the Idaho POST certifications page. This resource is designed to provide clear and concise information about the various certifications offered by POST for law enforcement personnel in Idaho. Whether you’re a new recruit, a seasoned officer seeking advancement, or simply interested in understanding the standards for peace officers in our state, this page will be your comprehensive guide.

Maintaining Certification

Every patrol, detention, and emergency communications officer must obtain 40 hours of continuing training related to law enforcement to maintain certification. The cycle starts on January 1 following your certification date and goes through December 31 of the following year. For example, if an officer was certified on September 2, 2019 their first training cycle will be January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2021.

Officers that hold a peace officer certification have an additional requirement to complete a minimum 24 hours of training in the topics listed below (24 hours of required topics + 16 hours of additional LE topics = 40 hours of required training): 

  • Firearms: 8 hours
  • Arrest Techniques/Defensive Tactics: 8 hours
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations: 4 hours
  • Legal Updates: 4 hours

For more detail information about continued certification please refer to POST procedure 12.28 and IDAPA rule

Training hours are tracked through the Mandatory Training Report System (MTRS). Each Idaho patrol, detention, or emergency communications agency has access to MTRS. Within each agency there are designated staff that can pull their agency’s training hours. 

Individuals can also submit a public records request to obtain their training record. 

**It is highly recommended that you locate the designated individual within your agency to pull your records. This will be most expedient way to access your information. 

Any education that pertains to law enforcement to include, but not limited to, topics such as: legal, first aid, tactical, firearms, agency policy, EVOC, even cultural studies.

There are also courses that can be taken for POST credit through the eLearning portal.

You can access the eLearning portal here.

Failure to meet the mandatory training hours requirement will result in suspension of certification. The certification will no longer hold police powers until the hours are met. Officers will need to work with the certifications staff to have their certificates reinstated. 

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