R4 Taser Instructor (New and Re-Certifying)- Idaho Falls CLASS FULL REGISTRATIONS CLOSED

Course Number: R4337

Course Description:

TASER CEW X26P, X2 and the new TASER 7 and TASER 7 CQ Basic Instructor certification course. With the release of Version 22, we have enhanced the Basic Instructor course to teach students how to develop and safely execute scenarios and isolation drills, provide more in-depth scenario training. Students will learn how to develop and safely implement scenarios, isolation drills and conduct teach backs to hone their instructor skills. You will be certified to instruct others on the use of the X26P, X2, TASER 7 and TASER 7 CQ Conducted Energy Weapons. Students will be required to complete an interactive online experience prior to attending the one day in-classroom training.

What to bring: Dress is casual. Bring your department issued TASER holster (if applicable). Holsters will be available for those who need them. Please bring your duty belt with NO firearms, ammunition, or weapons of any kind.


Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 16

Location: Idaho Falls Police Department Training Annex, 740 Park Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Cost: $375.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline: Registration closes ten days prior to course start.

Instructor(s): TBD

Remarks: Click on the following link for registration and online course information- Course Flyer Idaho Falls ID or see the Axon Training link here- https://academy.axon.com/?utm_campaign=internal_link&utm_source=axon_site&utm_medium=referral

Local contact information- Idaho Falls PD Training Coordinator Lori Posey at lposey@idahofallsidaho.gov or 208-612-8619

R4 Taser Instructor, new and recertifying- Idaho Falls

Course Number: R4337

Course Description:

NOTICE: BCSO will be implementing social distancing and decontamination procedures as part of this class. Students will be required to use hand sanitizer (provided) during the class, and throughout the training day(s).

This is the Taser (Axon) new instructor and recertifying instructors course.

Dates: May 26, 2020 (see below for an additional classroom day, to accommodate social distancing guidelines)

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 8

The online training portion of this course cannot be used toward POST Certified Training hours, only the classroom portion. The online training hours may be recorded in MTRS for use toward the biennial training requirements.

This class will also have a 10 student limit per day. As a result, Taser will add a second classroom training day to accommodate this change.

Location: Bonneville County Sheriff’s Ammon Field Office, 3750 E. Lincoln Rd., Ammon, ID 83406

Cost: Costs are determined by Axon upon registrations. New instructors will cost more than a recertifying instructor.

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline: May 8, 2020

Instructor(s): Taser Instructors TBD

Remarks: To register, click on the attached link for details and website information- Axon Academy Registration Process