R4 Blue to Gold Training Bulletproof Report Writing- Chubbuck

Course Number: R4141

Course Description:

The goal of Bulletproof Report Writing is to teach experienced police officers solid fundamentals that will help them write defensible police reports. Additionally, officers need the skills to write a report that will allow prosecutors to charge defendants without asking for follow-up information. Law enforcement officers need to know how to be fully prepared to not only answer the direct questions asked by the prosecutor, but also answer the cross-examination questions by the defense attorney and know how to respond to impeachment attempts.

Topics Covered/Overview


To teach students how to write a police report that causes the reader to believe that your actions were reasonable, appropriate, and defensible.


Students who complete the course will:

  • Discourage filings for motions to suppress evidence

  • Encourage guilty pleas

  • Serve as a roadmap for the prosecution

  • Provide for a basis to fully refresh your memory for trial

Training Modules

  1. Learn the Three Golden Rules of report writing.

  2. Explain the four goals of a police report, along with the eight audiences who typically read your reports.

  3. Learn straight-forward and effective report writing techniques, including:

    • Whether or not you should use CAPS

    • When to use paragraphs

    • Learn why a true professional writer uses topic headings to subdivide your report

    • When to use bullet points to make important legal conclusions

    • The value of identifying people by their role in the incident, not just their name

    • How to write short and direct sentences

    • Learn the seven elements of an effective synopsis

    • Describe how a true chronological report is written

    • Learn how to write a report summary (hint: it’s not like a college paper summary)

  4. Students will also learn how to articulate criminal elements in their reports, including two “hidden” elements for every crime

  5. Discuss how to effectively narrate on BWC without offending rules of evidence

  6. Learn the Rule of 5 for RS and PC articulation

  7. Learn how to “reverse engineer” case law in order to write better reports

  8. Explain how the importance of articulating legal conclusions

  9. Throughout the training students will do several engaging articulation exercises (this part is unique to our training)

Dates: January 28, 2021

Times: 0830-1700

Credit Hours: 7.5

Location: Chubbuck Police Department 5160 Yellowstone, Chubbuck, ID 83202

Cost: $159 ($379 if attending all three classes- Adv. Search and Seizure (Jan. 26) Adv. Traffic Stops (Jan 27), Bulletproof Report Writing (Jan 28))

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): TBD

Remarks: Register via the Blue to Gold website, located here- https://www.bluetogold.com/


R2245 RADAR & LIDAR certification training for new Patrol Officers

Course Number: 245

Description:  RADAR and LIDAR certification training for new Patrol Officers 

This class provides instruction to the new Patrol officer in the operation and principles of RADAR and LIDAR speed measuring devices. 

This training involves classroom and practical teaching environments.  Once the Officer has successfully completed this training , the Officer will be certified to use RADAR and LIDAR for speed enforcement activities in Idaho. 

 Date:  December 1 -2, 2020

Time:   0800-1700

Credit Hours:  16


Idaho POST Training Academy
Building 3,  Classroom D
700 South Stratford Avenue
Meridian,  Idaho  

COST:  Tuition  FREE

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline:  November 20, 2020


M.Cpl. Quinn Carmack, ISP
Cpl. Aaron Aikele, ISP

Registration; E-mail: tyler.jussel@isp.idaho.gov

Remarks:   Do not send registrations to POST.

All participants should bring note-taking materials to this class.

For local accommodations or training facility information, contactSergeant Tyler Jussel, at tyler.jussel@isp.idaho.gov  or call 208.884.7064



R4 Operation R.U.S.H.- Driggs CANCELLED

Course Number: R4120

Course Description:

A two-day criminal interdiction course designed to educate and challenge both new and experienced officers in recognizing criminal behaviors during traffic stops.

Criminals are most vulnerable while en route from point A to point B, however, they are their most dangerous. This course will also provide hands-on vehicle searches and tactics to use during vehicle approaches. We utilize the most up-to-date indicators and provide an explanation for each item and how they all relate to each other. K9 handlers and their partners are encouraged to attend. Stop letting the bad guys go by putting the pieces of the puzzle together during your traffic stops. Whether you are building reasonable suspicion, getting consent, calling for a K9 or have probable cause. Be prepared to take your case to court by knowing all the ins-and-outs of the drug world. Criminals need three hots and a cot. Provide this valuable service for them.


Times: Sept. 1 from 1300-2100, Sept. 2 from 0800-1600

Credit Hours: 15

Location: Teton County Sheriff’s Office, 230 N. Main St., Driggs, ID

Cost: $249.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)



Remarks: To register for this course, click the following link- https://www.operationrush.com/courses-1

R4 First Responders: Crime Scene Protection- Idaho Falls

Course Number: R4114

Course Description:

Learn to avoid contaminating crime scenes. First responders often help set the tone for the outcome at many crime scenes. A poorly protected crime scene can equate to an equally weak case. Your confidence in protecting crime scenes will increase to a new level.

Dates: April 26, 2021

Times: 0800-1630

Credit Hours: 7.5 hours

Location: Idaho Falls Police Department Training Annex, 740 Park Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Cost: $125.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): Steven McGibbon

Remarks: To register, contact Cindy at 435-650-1079 or email her at cindy@mobilecsa.com

R4 Crime Scene Investigation- Idaho Falls

Course Number: R4114A

Course Description:

We provide extensive hands-on training to develop credible skills including analyzing major scenes, learning proper investigative process, managing and documenting, as well as collection procedures at crime scenes.

Dates: April 27-30, 2021

Times: 0800-1630

Credit Hours: 32 hours

Location: Idaho Falls Police Department Training Annex, 740 Park Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Cost: $450.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): Steven McGibbon

Remarks: To register, contact Cindy at 435-650-1079 or via email at cindy@mobilecsa.com

R4 Sex Crimes for Patrol and New Investigators- Idaho Falls CANCELLED

Course Number: R4228C

Course Description:

This twenty-four (24) hour block of training is for professionals that are first responders to crimes that could take the professional on a stressful, emotional and personal journey.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals that will benefit from this training are patrol supervisors, training officers, patrol officers, new juvenile investigators, SRO, child protective services, medical professionals, District Attorneys and advocacy personnel.

Course Description:

Our Sex Crimes for Patrol and New Investigators Training is a very intense seminar that is both informative and hands on. Sex crimes are some of the most complex and complicated crimes you will have to respond to in your career. It is very important that the students understand that this class will focus on how the tactics used by stalkers and rapists of adult victims, in many cases, are the same tactics that predators, molesters, and pedophiles use on their child victim. This course will focus on the three main components of these types of crimes: the predator’s behavior, the crime, and our response.


Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 24

Location: Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office Training Annex, 577 D St. Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Cost: $300.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): Brent Tharpe

Remarks: To register for this course go to  www.tharpeconsulting.com and click on the Event Calendar or contact Brent Tharpe at 731-287-1962.

Make Checks Payable To:

Tharpe Consulting, checks can be mailed to 325 Burch Rd Dyersburg, TN 38024. We also accept credit cards through PayPal. All attendees will receive a training manual and a certificate of completion.

Hotel Information:  

Hampton Inn Idaho Falls/Airport – 645 Lindsay Blvd – Idaho Falls, ID 83402 – 208-523-1400 – 96.00+ tax – to get rate, ask for a room from Tharpe Consulting block of rooms


R4 NTOA Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents- Idaho Falls

Course Number: R4601

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide patrol supervisors with the information and tools needed to manage a critical incident prior to the arrival of SWAT. Understanding the methodology used in managing a dynamic tactical problem, incident command system fundamentals, and the 4 primary types of critical incidents involving an adversary will give the patrol supervisor the tools needed to succeed during these events.

  • The characteristics of a crisis
  • Basic law enforcement strategy
  • Primary mistakes made during large-scale incidents
  • Managing a dynamic tactical problem methodology
  • The basic strategy for managing chaos
  • The “Big Four”- hostage situations, barricaded suspects, active shooters, and apprehending fleeing felons
  • Lesson learned from case studies

Student requirements:

Law Enforcement Identification, computer or notebook (course materials will be made available via Dropbox). Business casual dress. This will be all classroom study.

Dates: October 26-27, 2020

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 16

Location: Idaho Falls Police Department Training Annex, 740 Park Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Cost: $238 for current NTOA members, $293 for non-members, but a one year NTOA membership is included in this price.

Cancellation in full 30+ days prior to class. Within 30 days of class, a $100 fee assessed with written notice. Failure to show, with no written notice will result in no refund of course fees. NTOA reserves the right to cancel course 30 days from the course. NTOA will notify you immediately if this occurs.

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline: August 8, 2020

Instructor(s): TBA

Remarks: To resister for this course, click the following link- https:/training.ntoa.org/CourseRegistration/default.asp?num=20202820

Co-host point of contact- IFPD Training Coordinator Lori Posey 208-612-8619

Rental Car discount- Enterprise discount code XZ17D23, pin code NAT

Hotel- Hampton Inn 208-523-1400

R4 Taser Instructor, new and recertifying- Idaho Falls

Course Number: R4337

Course Description:

NOTICE: BCSO will be implementing social distancing and decontamination procedures as part of this class. Students will be required to use hand sanitizer (provided) during the class, and throughout the training day(s).

This is the Taser (Axon) new instructor and recertifying instructors course.

Dates: May 26, 2020 (see below for an additional classroom day, to accommodate social distancing guidelines)

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 8

The online training portion of this course cannot be used toward POST Certified Training hours, only the classroom portion. The online training hours may be recorded in MTRS for use toward the biennial training requirements.

This class will also have a 10 student limit per day. As a result, Taser will add a second classroom training day to accommodate this change.

Location: Bonneville County Sheriff’s Ammon Field Office, 3750 E. Lincoln Rd., Ammon, ID 83406

Cost: Costs are determined by Axon upon registrations. New instructors will cost more than a recertifying instructor.

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline: May 8, 2020

Instructor(s): Taser Instructors TBD

Remarks: To register, click on the attached link for details and website information- Axon Academy Registration Process

R4 Reid Advanced Interview and Interrogation Course- CANCELLED

Course Number: R4227

Course Description:

This 4-day format combines the material from our 3-day Interview and Interrogation program and 1-day Advanced program.


Find A Training Program

  • Interview and Interrogation Preparation
  • Distinction Between a Non-Confrontational Interview and Interrogation
  • Proper Room Arrangement
  • Factors Affecting the Subject’s Behavior



  • Attitudes
  • Nonverbal Behavior
  • Verbal Behavior
  • Paralinguistic Behavior


  • The Benefits of Conducting the Non-Confrontational interview prior to any interrogation
  • Analyzing Factual Information
  • Reid Behavior Provoking Questions
  • The Baiting Technique
  • Investigative Questions
  • Hypothetical Questions
  • Assessing the subject’s concerns

THE INTERROGATION – Developing the truth

  • Preparation prior to the interrogation – how to use the information developed during the interview to determine the most effective interrogation strategy
  • Assessing the Suspect’s Fears, Rationalizations and Objections prior to the interrogation


  • Step 1: The Positive Confrontation
    Benefit of the Transition Statement
  • Step 2: Theme Development
    First Person Themes
    Third Person Themes and Personal Stories
    Identifying the suspect’s Needs for committing the crime
  • Step 3: Handling Denials
    How to move past Denials
    Addressing Suspect Challenges
    Addressing the Suspect’s Request to see evidence
    Introducing Evidence
    Tactics to gain trust
    Tactics to change the suspect’s perception
  • Step 4: Overcoming Objections
    Handling Logical Challenges
  • Step 5: Procurement and Retention of the Suspect’s Attention
    Use of Role Reversal
    Challenging the Suspect’s Values and Traits
    Addressing the Suspect’s Fear of Consequences
    Addressing the Futility of continued denials
  • Step 6: Handling Suspect’s Passive Mood
    Having the suspect verbalize agreement
  • Step 7: Presenting the Alternative Question
    Understanding the Alternative
    Using Positive and Negative Supporting Statements
  • Step 8: Having the Suspect Orally Relate the Details of the Crime
    Committing the Suspect to the crime
    Safeguards to protect the integrity of the confession
  • Step 9: Elements of Oral and Written Statements

Benefits of Attending

Some of the many benefits realized by individuals who attend a REID® training program include learning a time tested process

  • that has evolved and adapted to changing social attitudes
  • that will increase your ability to successfully resolve a wide variety of investigations
  • that will enhance your ability to eliminate the truthful and identify the deceptive individual
  • that is in compliance with the guidelines established by the courts
  • that respects the rights and dignity of the individual
  • that is flexible, adaptable and versatile so as to meet the challenges of an ever changing environment
  • that has built in safeguards to protect the integrity of the confession
  • that will significantly enhance your interviewing and interrogation skills

Individuals who attend a REID® training course will learn how to

  • assess the credibility of the information provided by a victim, witness or subject during the investigative interview
  • structure the investigative interview
  • solicit the subject’s story, version of events, or explanation of what happened by using open-ended questions
  • determine the appropriate follow-up questions
  • properly phrase the investigative questions
  • use behavior provoking questions during the interview
  • use persuasion techniques to learn the truth from the deceptive individual
  • to determine the best persuasion approach to use as based on subject insights developed during the interview
  • evaluate and implement from a variety of approaches the most effective as determined by the individual and case characteristics

Dates: June 2-5, 2020

Times: 0800-1500

Credit Hours: 28 hours

Location: Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, 5800 S. 5th Ave., Pocatello, ID 83204

Cost: $575, Federal GSA discount is $480.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): Reid Instructors TBD

Remarks: To register for this course, click on the link here- https://www.reid.com/training_programs/register.html?serial=1564671050274717&type=course

R4 Basic Motor Officer Course- Pocatello CANCELLED NO NEW DATE SET

Course Number: R4238

Course Description:

Basic Motor Officer Course. Training for officers who will be riding motorcycles for patrol.

Equipment needed for this course:

  1. Department Police Motorcycle.
  2. Sand Blasting Hose (to wrap engine guards) and duct tape.
  3. Eyewear (wrap-around recommended).
  4. Full-fingered Gloves.
  5. Above the ankle boots.
  6. DOT or SNELL certified helmets (“3/4 shell” recommended).
  7. Leather or Kevlar jacket (optional)
  8. Drivers License with Motorcycle Endorsement or Learner’s Permit.
  9. Rain Gear/Cold Weather Gear.

Dates: May 4-15, 2020

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 80

Location: Pocatello Police Department, 911 N. 7th Ave. Pocatello, ID 83204

Cost: $600

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline: There is a limit of 8 students for this class. Once that number has been reached, PPD may put on additional instructors as needed.

Instructor(s): Pocatello Police Motor Instructors Jason Weinheimer and Russ Olsen

Remarks: To register for this course, contact Pocatello PD Training Sergeant Derek Daniels at ddaniels@pocatello.us, or call 208-234-6129.