R4 Shooting Incident Reconstruction- Chubbuck

Course Number: R4228E

Course Description:

Modern investigators are frequently faced with the investigation of incidents involving the discharge of firearms.  Whether the incident is a criminal act, an act of self-defense, or the use of deadly force by law enforcement, the outcome of these investigations often has far-reaching consequences.  It is essential that investigators effectively and accurately analyze these scenes so facts surrounding these incidents can be demonstrated in a court of law or where otherwise required.

This comprehensive 5-day (40-hour), Shooting Incident Reconstruction course is specially designed for case officers/investigators, forensic technicians, crime scene analysts, and others involved in shooting incident analysis.  Through both lecture and practical exercises, students will learn and practice shooting scene reconstruction methodologies and evaluate positions and evidentiary relationships between the shooter, scene, victim and other evidence.

All main concepts are reinforced through hands-on practical exercises using historically-based case scenarios.  * Includes exercises conducted at a shooting range.

Class Requirements:

Course is designed to develop knowledge and hands-on experience for shooting incident scene analysis.    Prior investigative or crime scene experience and attendance at a previous Crime Scene Reconstruction Course is recommended but not required.  Attendees should bring a camera for documenting evidence and an electronic device with USB connection, preferably a laptop computer, to access and save digital handouts, case materials, and fillable forms used in lecture and practical exercises.

​Classroom and firearms range instruction and practical exercises include:

  • Firearms and ammunition design and function
  • Physics of projectile motion
  • Proper identification, documentation and organization of firearms-related evidence
  • Gunshot wound ballistics and interrelationships of wounds and other evidence
  • Determining muzzle to target distances
  • Mathematics for trajectory analysis in crime scenes
  • Application of the scientific method to field analysis
  • Reconstructing the shooting event through recognizing and correlating evidentiary relationships between evidence in the scene, forensic analyses, and subject/witness statements
  • *Trajectory analysis through rodding, laser, trigonometry and stringing
  • *Demonstration and analysis of bullet interactions with various materials including glass, metal, concrete, wood, motor vehicles, bone and dirt.  Commonly held perceptions will be challenged

This course has been approved for the following certification/re-certification training credits: IAI Crime Scene Certification Board – 40 and IAI Forensic Photography Certification Board – 2.

Dates: September 12-16, 2022

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 40

Location: Chubbuck City Hall, 290 E. Linden Rd., Chubbuck, ID 83202

Cost: $689.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): Gary Graff, Iris Dalley Graff

Remarks: To register for this course, click the following link- https://www.tritechtraining.com/091222-SIR.html download the printable forms and follow the registration directions.

Recommended hotel-

La Quinta Hotel
1440 Bench Road
Pocatello, ID 83201

Booking Rate: $99 per night plus tax – Single/Double Occupancy

​Booking Info: Please call the hotel and mention the Shooting Reconstruction group to receive this special rate. Block expires 30 days in advance of the course.

R2 Fentanyl Safety and Awareness

Code: 120

Flyer – FentanylSafety&Awareness

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide law enforcement officers and other first responders an overview of the characteristics and hazards of fentanyl and synthetic opioids as we teach current tactics, techniques and procedures to mitigate hazards to first responders when fentanyl or other harmful illicit substances are present at the scene. This course provides hands on training on the proper use and wear of personal protective equipment, and the basic first aid measures to help prevent and mitigate incidental exposure to synthetic opioids.

Date: 04/26/2022

Registration Timeline: 04/25/2022

Time: 1300 – 1700

Credits: 4 POST training hours


Meridian Police Department
1223 E Watertower St
Meridian ID, 83642

Cost: FREE

Instructors: Maria Lepe and Scott Salmon

Register at www.wrctc.com Western Regional Counterdrug Training Center

R2 Drug Recognition Expert School CLASS IS FULL

Course Number:     R2 256

Description:   DRE School  2022

The Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program has proven successful in identifying the drug impaired driver.  DREs are frequently called upon to differentiate between drug influence, medical issues and/or mental disorders.  The certified DRE is an extremely valuable tool for combating the adverse impact of drug and alcohol impaired driving in Idaho.

To be considered for DRE training, applicants must meet the following required criteria:

    • Must have a minimum of two years of service (excluding Reserve time) and/or recommendation from a DRE Instructor.
    • Must be off probation with your agency.
    • Must be a certified SFST practitioner, successfully completed ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement) training and possess current Intoxilyzer, Draeger, Lifeloc FC20 or Alco-Sensor III certified.
    • Must have a reasonable background and experience level of making DUI arrests.
    • Must submit a minimum of two actual DUI arrest reports for review.

Dates:       Classroom training:  April 4th – 15th  

Field certification Training Will be held in May. Dates and location to be determined.


Time:        0800 – 1700  Plus 2 Alcohol Workshops


Credit Hours:   88 hours     April classroom


Idaho POST/ISP Training Complex
700 South Stratford Drive
Meridian, ID

Cost: Tuition Free


The Statewide Impaired Driving Coordinator Program will cover most of the expenses of attending the DRE School and Field Certification Training.  The SIDC Program will pay for per diem and hotel while at the two week DRE School.  The SIDC Program will also cover per diem, hotel and rental vehicles for Field Certification Training.

   The only thing the departments will be responsible for are their Officer’s wages during the two week school and at field certification training.  Lastly, the departments will be responsible for getting the Officers to Meridian for the school and to the location of Field Certifications.

Deadline:  March 11th, 2022
Submit applications promptly this training is limited to 18 students 

Instructors: Sgt. Chris Glenn, Officer Nick Knoll (Course Manager) and Assorted DRE Instructors from across Idaho.


Remarks:   Do not send registrations to POST

For additional information regarding the training facility or local accommodations,
contact Sgt. Chris Glenn, SIDC Program Coordinator at chris.glenn@isp.idaho.gov.
or call

The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Advanced Interrogation Techniques – Boise

Course Number: R2 227

This 4-day program is our most comprehensive program on the Reid Technique. We have integrated all of our material from our standard three day program and our one day advanced program into a single presentation using our new 202 page outline book to give participants a complete presentation of the Reid Technique in a single seminar. The participant will receive 24 hours of Continuing Professional Education credits.

Flyer – BPD

Dates:    September 13-16, 2022

Time:      0800-1500

Credit Hours:    24 hours


Boise Police Department,
Sawtooth Auditorium

333 N Mark Stall Place
Boise ID, 83704

Cost:       $600.00          PAYABLE TO: REID

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline:    Register by March 2 to receiving special pricing. Use code Early$50

Instructors:    REID representatives

Registration Details:    www.reid.com or

Julie Rock at jrock@reid.com or 855-479-3959

Remarks:          Register early   seating is limited 

R2 Investigator Interview Course with Advanced Concepts

Course Number:  227

40 hr Interview and Interrogation flyer

Description:   Interview and Interrogation for Investigators and Patrol Officers

You will learn how to “Bullet Proof” your confessions.  Managing liability is a  top priority in law enforcement today. Completion of the classroom training provides the investigator with a firm grasp of effective and legal interview and interrogation techniques saving investigators time  and resources as they gather   the truth from victims, witnesses, and suspects to make the best possible law enforcement decisions possible. Participants will be able to immediately apply the techniques applied. Alumni also receive ongoing support and are able to take advantage  of our vast alumni network.

Topics presented include:

  1. Predictable Human Behavior
  2. Gestures and Proxemics
  3. The Psychology of Deception
  4. Utilizing Polygraphs & V.S.A.
  5. Free-Format, Cognitive, and Elimination Interviews
  6. The 10-Step Plan to Successful Interrogations
  7. Practical, Hands on Applications of Techniques
  8. Learner centered activities
  9. Safeguards to prevent false admissions/confessions and confession contamination
  10. And much more

Small group activities and discussions highlight knowledge and application of techniques.

Date:  April 25 – 29, 2021

Time:   0800-1700

Credit Hours: 40 hours


Ada County Sheriff’s Office
7200 Barrister Dr.
Boise ID 83704

COST:   $499.00 Payable to : I.I.I or Pay online at  www.getconfessions.com.

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline:  April 18, 2022

Instructor:  Jason Woodard

Registration: www.getconfessions.com

Remarks:   Do not send registrations to POST.

R2 – Basic Polygraph Examiner Course

Course Number: 227B

Course Description:

This 10-week course is fully accredited by the American Polygraph Association. Teaching new Zone Comparison formats, ESS scoring, how to use computer algorithms, as well as all accredited polygraph techniques. Well-rounded instruction for both screening and specific issue testing. Forty hours of interview and interrogation training is included in our Basic Examiner Course. One-year Quality Control support for our students following training

Polygraph Institute flyer April 4 – June 10 2022

Dates: April 4 – June 10, 2022

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 400


Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Entrance 3
7200 Barrister Dr
Boise, ID 83704

Cost: $5,500 Payable To: The Polygraph Institute 

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline: March 15, 2022

Registration Details: www.thepolygraphinstitute.com

Instructor(s): Chip Morgan 

Remarks: Facility Contact and Hotel information: Cydney Shubin, 208-577-3563 or cshubin@adacounty.id.gov

R4 Forensic Handwriting Examination- Blackfoot

Course Number: R4228L

Course Description:

This is a three day in depth training program that focuses on handwriting identification and forgery detection.

Dates: November 16-18, 2021

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 24

Location: Bingham County Sheriff’s Office Training Room, 501 N. Maple St., Blackfoot, ID 83221

Cost: $425.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): Roy Fenoff

Remarks: To register for this course contact Bingham County Sheriff Detective Mike Marvin at 208-782-3064 or email at mmarvin@co.bingham.id.us Make checks payable to Roy Fenoff.

R2 Homicide Investigation – Southern Police Institute

Course Number: R2 280

SPI Homicide Investigation 2021


SPI’s HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION course provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to conduct competent and complete homicide/death investigations.

Dates: November 8-19 2021

Time: 0800 – 1700

Credit Hours: 80


Nampa Police Department
820 2nd Street South
Nampa, Idaho 83651

Cost: $1295 Discounted rate if paid by cash or check / $1334 If paid by credit card payable to the Southern Police Institute

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline: November 7th, 2020

Registration Details: DO NOT send registration to POST

Register Online

For More Information
Contact: Phone: 502-852-6561
E-mail: mailspi@louisville.edu


For additional information regarding the training facility or local accommodations, email Jason Cantrell at cantrellj@cityofnampa.us or call 208-761-9182.

R4 Forensic Handwriting Examination Workshop- Blackfoot

Course Number: R4228L

Course Description:

This workshop reviews the key principles of document examination with special attention given to handwriting identification and forgery detection. The fundamental concepts and techniques of handwriting identification are thoroughly covered, and other aspects of document examination including ink analysis, paper analysis, and typewriter and computer generated fonts are briefly discussed. Because the course follows a systematic approach, upon completion, each student will be able to properly examine handwriting and forgery cases from start to finish.

Dates: November 16-18, 2021

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 24

Location: Bingham County Sheriff’s Office, 501 N. Maple. St., Blackfoot, ID 83221

Cost: $425.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): Roy Fenoff

Remarks: To register for this course, contact Bingham CSO Detective Mike Marvin at 208-782-3064 or email at mmarvin@co.bingham.id.us

R2 Interview and Interrogations for Investigators and Patrol Officers

Course Number:  227

Description:   Interview and Interrogation for Investigators and Patrol Officers

Best Practices
Miranda, case law, and documenting interviews.

Profile of a Successful Interviewer
Basic skills needed for an interview and interrogation.
Posture, eye contact, tone of voice, and building rapport.

Interview preparation
Room setting, case preparation, and background investigation.

The Interview Process
Question formulation, the don’ts of interviewing, telephone interviews, the cognitive interview, memory retrieval techniques, and corroboration process.

Behavioral Symptom Analysis
Physiological and psychological principles of behavior symptom analysis, and distinguishing deceptive response.

Behavioral Analysis Interview
A questioning process to elicit verbal and non-verbal indicators of truthful and deceptive responses.

The Interrogation Process
Interrogation theme, handling denials, signs of surrender, alternatives, and false confessions.

Interview and Interrogation for Investi._

Date:  October 12 – 14, 2021

Time:   0800-1700

Credit Hours:    24 hours


Nampa Police Department
820 2nd Street South
Nampa, Idaho 83651


COST:   385.00  Payable to  PATC Public Agency Training Council

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline:  October 11, 2021

Instructor:   Tim Randall  PATC

Registration   E-mail   Jason Cantrell  at  cantrellj@cityofnampa.us
or call  208-761-9182

Remarks:   Do not send registrations to POST.

For additional information regarding the training facility or local accommodations, contact Sgt. Jason Cantrell;
cantrellj@cityofnampa.us or call 208-761-9182