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The POST training academies are conducted on the Meridian campus. The curriculum focuses on the foundation of knowledge and practical skills necessary to be a law enforcement or peace officer in the state of Idaho. Successful completion of a POST basic academy or its equivalent is required to be eligible for basic certification.

If you are interested in attending a basic academy, your agency must release a link to the online packet to you. The packet must be received and cleared by POST no later than 30 calendar days prior to the academy start date. Any packets received late will be reviewed for the next available academy session.

Dorm rooms are only available for anyone residing more than a 30 mile radius from POST. Dorm rooms are limited and are available upon request when completing the academy online application. Please direct any questions pertaining to the dorm to Tammy Kelly at 208.884.7292 or via email at

Once your packet has been received and approved, you will be notified in an acceptance letter with further direction prior to your arrival to POST. A copy of the academy rules and regulations can be found on our forms page.

For questions about the Patrol, Detention, Emergency Communications, and Adult Misdemeanor Probation Academy Packets contact Jeremy Beck at 208.884.7337 or via email at

For questions about the Correction and Felony Probation & Parole Academy Packets contact Jordan Carsner at 208.884.7318 or via email at

For questions about the Juvenile Corrections, Juvenile Detention (Part time or full time) and Juvenile Probation Packets contact Matt Heuring at 208.884.7326 or via email at

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