R1 LEAD FAUCET TACTICAL, 4 Day, CQB Level 1 & 2 – Spokane

Course Number: R1  270



Lead Faucet Tactical Close Quarters Battle Course
Elaborates on the basics of POD CQB. The course focuses on the
building blocks of 4-5 man assault elements as well as multiple
team CQB. The course covers fundamentals of CQB, crisis action
planning, multiple entry points, hostage rescue and CQB TTPs.
The Performance Objectives:
Assaulter will be able to reiterate verbally specific knowledge
pertaining to the class when asked. The Assaulter will be able to
successfully demonstrate the duties and responsibilities of an
Assault cell as well as the individual duties for the 1,2,3, and 4
men. Assaulter will comprehend POD CQB as well as HR specific
Fundamentals Covered during CQB Course: Duties and
responsibilities of the assault cell, duties and responsibilities of
the 1,2,3, and 4 men, actions upon entry for the 1 man, room
clearing techniques for multiple rooms, opposing threats,
breaching techniques if applicable, hallway procedures,
intersection procedures, foyer procedures, stairwell procedures,
priority of work inside a room, contingencies in a CQB
environment, shooting and moving and how it applies to CQB. HR
specific TTPs, multi team entry crisis action planning

Dates: April 18-21, 2022

Time: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 32 hrs


Defensive Action Center

1609 N. Hough Street, Spokane, WA 99212



(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline: March 1st, 2022


Daniel (Dan) J. Brokos


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Lodging and Meals are on your own

Recommended Hotel: Fairfield by Marriott 509 928-5218 Group Code Lead Faucet Training

R4 Managing an Incident Command Post and Tactical Operations Center- CANCELLED

Course Number: R4703

Course Description:

This one-day course is designed to provide law enforcement supervisors and command personnel with the information and tools needed to manage a large-scale critical incident. This course will include a NIMS review, but the focus of the course is providing the tools for supervisors and command personnel to succeed when responding to active threats. The roles and responsibilities of the Incident Commander will be discussed and applied through practical group exercises. Command decision-making through a proven system that streamlines the flow of direction and information will be a central focus of this course.

Dates: June 1, 2021 CANCELLED

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 8

Location: Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office Training Annex 577 D St., Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Cost: NTOA Members $169.00, Non-Members (Includes one year NTOA Membership)- $224.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): Mark Pergola

Remarks: To register for this event, click here-  Commandshttp://training.ntoa.org/CourseRegistration/default.asp?num=20211960