R4 Remington 870 Armorer’s Course- Blackfoot

Course Number: R4257

Course Description:

Students attending this class will receive in-depth and hands-on introduction to the 870 shotgun.

Instructional topics will include but not be limited to:

Basic operation and nomenclature
Design and Function of the 870 shotgun
Common field strip leading to a detailed disassembly Cleaning and Maintenance
Troubleshooting malfunctions / diagnostics
Advanced Repairs such as Ejector replacement and Hammer/Spring replacement
Repair documentation for the departmental armorer       

Each student is required to bring only an 870 shotgun to class and any tools they wish to use or bring.

If you are unable to bring a 870 shotgun, please contact us prior to class.  Basic armorer’s tool kits will be supplied, along with training and support materials.

Dates: March 8-9, 2021

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 16

Location: East Idaho State Fair Grounds, Needle Craft Building, 97 Park Ave., Blackfoot, ID 83221

Cost: $400.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline: March 7, 2021

Instructor(s): Jacob Porter

Remarks: To register for this class, click the following link- https://www.tritontraininggroup.com/

A R(1, 2, 3, 4) POST Shotgun Instructor Template

Course Number: R 306D


This is the P.O.S.T. approved SHOTGUN INSTRUCTOR COURSE for those interested in developing their instructor skills to effectively teach shotgun operation. Upon completion of this course, attendees should have the basic instructor skills necessary to instruct the POST basic shotgun manipulations skills to officers.

Students must be able to assume kneeling, sitting, and prone positions with the shotgun. Students will also receive training in one hand shotgun manipulations with both the strong hand, and the support hand.

Students must be able to perform 100% of the expected skills and weapon manipulations. Students who cannot physically participate will be denied entry to this course.

ALL students will be required to attend 100% of the training to receive credit for the course. Since the tactics are taught on a building block principle, missing portions would impede the other students and jeopardize overall safety. Tardiness will not be accepted.

At the completion of the course, students will be expected to demonstrate a satisfactory skill level in the tactics taught.

In order to successfully complete this course, Students will be required to pass:

  • the Shotgun Instructor Skills Performance testing
  • the qualification course
  • the assigned student led teaching
  • the impromptu student led teaching assignments
  • and the written examination

NOTICE – The written exam will have test questions from the P.O.S.T. Instructor Development and P.O.S.T. Handgun Instructor student manuals. Be sure to review both manuals BEFORE attending this course. You WILL have other course work during this class that you will have to complete in order to pass this course.

STUDENT MANUAL – Click here to download the shotgun instructor student manual- Student Manual Link. Written test questions come from the student manual. It is recommended students download and study the manual prior to coming to class. There will be no make-up testing for students who fail the exit qualification course, or the written exam.


Successful completion of:

  • P.O.S.T. Instructor Development Course
  • P.O.S.T. Handgun Instructor Course

If you do not meet these requirement do not register.



Time: 0800-1700 hrs

Credit Hours: 24

Location: See below

Cost: $240.00
Payable to Idaho POST
(Tuition does not include meals, travel and/or lodging )



POST Certified Master Instructor:

POST Certified Instructors:

Registration Details: Register early this class is limited to 20 students maximum; with a minimum of 10 students required.



Clothing appropriate for weather conditions. Range clothing should be conducive to carry extra ammunition and suitable for tactical movement , knee pads are recommended but not required.

Equipment required by students:

  • Duty shotgun with sling (sling is mandatory)
  • Duty gear, holster, pistol magazines
  • Duty pistol (pistol used for transitions)
  • Body armor
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Billed cap
  • Range appropriate clothing
  • Water
  • Training tourniquet (CAT, SOF, or similar for use in training)
  • Laptop Computer
  • Note taking materials
  • Small tape measure or ruler
  • 50 rounds shotgun slugs
  • 100 rounds of pistol training ammunition
  • 250 rounds of birdshot shotgun ammunition (buckshot may be used if birdshot not available)
  • 250 rounds of buckshot shotgun ammunition

Recommended Equipment:

  • Rifle sights on the shotgun
  • Side Saddle, or similar spare ammunition system mounted on the shotgun