R2 201 Physical Fitness Testing & Assessment Utilizing the Rower

Course Number: 201


Description: Physical Fitness Testing & Assessment Utilizing the Rower
This training course is designed to present students with information about the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Physical Fitness Testing and Assessment Program using a rowing machine.
Course details will include:
• Background of the fitness program evolution
• Impact of the 6th pillar of the 21st Century Policing, requirements for de-escalation, Occupational Duty of Care, and case law impacting physical fitness testing and assessment as well as lack thereof
• Considerations from by EEO, Legal, Risk Management, ADA and HR
• Means to deal with apathetic responses and program implementation pushback
• Appropriate form, technique and protocols for utilization of the Rower
• Demographic Performance Observations
• How to begin program implementation

Date: September 28th, 2021

Time:   0800-1700

Credit Hours:  8 hours

Meridian Police Department
Meridian Public Safety Training Center
1223 E Watertower St
Meridian, ID 83642


(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline: September 17th, 2021

Instructor: Michael Harper, Greg Davis

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Remarks: Registration is on first come, first serve basis. Class is limited to 30 participants.

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R4 Yoga for First Responders Instructor Course- Idaho Falls

Course Number: R4309A

Course Description:

This three day Instructor School certifies you to:
Teach YFFR Protocol through official programming in a public safety or military environment
Participants will receive:
  • Foundations Training
  • Cultural competency classes for Law Enforcement and Fire Service
  • A breakdown of the YFFR protocol
  • Three standardized YFFR classes
  • Best practices and smart teaching tools for yoga instruction
  • A deeper look at the science of yoga as it relates to trauma
  • The Western and Eastern science behind YFFR protocol
  • 4 YFFR Mat Class Workshops
  • Personal Areas of Excellence Practices
  • Professional Areas of Excellence (YFFR Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Squad (small group) Breakout Sessions and Practice Teaching
  • An overview of trauma-specific yoga and cognitive training techniques
  • YFFR Instructor Manual with extensive reference materials
  • Access to 1 year of YogaShield’s Cyber Academy (On Demand short yoga classes, workshops, and instructors-only information)
  • Digital Instructor Toolkit to support you after training (must successfully complete practical and written test)
  • Licensing agreement to use YFFR’s trademarked name and material (must successfully complete practical and written test)
After this training attendees will know how to teach the YFFR Protocol to first responders in department settings. By the end of Level 1 Instructor School attendees will have the tools to practice the techniques of YFFR Protocol themselves, speak authentically about yoga and the YFFR mission, and teach the YFFR Protocol with a high level of effectiveness and professionalism.
Participants who successfully complete Level 1: Basic Training are known as Instructor 1.
Instructors will be expected to uphold YFFR’s Personal and Professional Areas of Excellence including:
  • Code of conduct
  • Internal and external communication protocols
  • Demonstrate tactical and cultural competency
  • Effectively explain the science and methodology behind the YFFR Protocol
  • Instructor 1 are not certified to teach YFFR Structured Curriculum in Training Academies or In-Service Training until attending Level 2
  • Outside training requirements must be completed before certification
  • Instructors will sign a licensing agreement to use YFFR’s name, logo, and material upon completion of training requirements
  • An Instructor Agreement is required of all YFFR Instructors in order to track classes
Level 1: Basic Training is perfect for:
  • Anyone who has a desire to teach yoga to first responders using a field-tested and structured approach. This could mean officially within a department setting, informally in a community setting, or adding these techniques to their personal practice such as a clinician or peer support leader.
  • Foundations Training (currently included in Level 1)
Post Training Requirements:
  • Online, open book written test
  • Documentation of 5 classes taught

Dates:October 4-6, 2021

Times: 0730-1730

Credit Hours: 30

Location: Boy Scouts of America 3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy, Idaho Falls, ID, 83402

Cost: $675.00

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): Sara Mills, Brenna Vidal, Olivia Mead, Leslie Weisman, Jeff Masters, Eric Brenneman

Remarks: To register for this course, click the following link- https://www.yogaforfirstresponders.org/instructor-school