R4 Motor Officer Refresher Course- Pocatello

Course Number: R4238

Course Description:

Motorcycle officer refresher training.

Equipment needed for this course:

  1. Department motorcycle.
  2. Helmet
  3. Glasses (shatterproof, clear, and tinted).
  4. Other riding gear to include boots, gloves, etc.
  5. Bullet proof vest.
  6. Duty belt (to be worn during on the road training rides).

Dates: May 2-6, 2022

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 40

Location: Pocatello Police Department Substation #3 (located next door to the Fred Meyer at 800 Yellowstone Ave., Pocatello, ID 83201), also at the Pocatello Regional Airport EVOC pad

Cost: FREE

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): Pocatello PD Instructors Russ Olsen and Jason Weinheimer

Remarks: To register for this course, contact Pocatello PD Training and Community Services Coordinator Jene Purman at jpurman@pocatello.us, or call 208-234-6129.