Leadership for a Lifetime: How the Past Prepares us for the Future

Course Number: R2 805


Course Description:

This presentation will cover some of these most important leadership traits, as well as how each individual can use the lessons of yesterday to overcome the challenges of today and capitalize on the opportunities of tomorrow.

Dates: August 17th

Times: 0900 – 1500

Credit Hours: 6


Riverside Hotel
2900 Chinden Blvd
Garden City ID, 83714

Cost: $175

Payable to ICOPA, Includes breakfast and lunch        

Deadline: August 1st, 2021        DO NOT send registration to POST

Register at lcopa.org/conference2021/

Instructor(s): Paul Butler
About Paul Butler

This leadership course is presented by the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association. 

R4805- Law Enforcement Leadership- Idaho Falls

Course Number: R4805

Course Description:


The goal of this class is to provide first line supervisors with effective leadership principles and techniques that will enable them to become successful supervisors who can increase the motivation and productivity of the staff they supervise.

Performance Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Recognize the traits of a leader and understand different management styles
  2. Define and understand leadership accountability
  3. Understand the importance of leadership ethics
  4. Understand the differences in work beliefs and ethics of Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Post Millennials
  5. Recognize staff motivators and de-motivators
  6. Utilize a problem-solving model
  7. Build teamwork among staff
  8. Develop an action plan
  9. Participate in strategic planning
  10. Understand supervisor civil liability
  11. Utilize coaching to improve employee job performance
  12. Coach problem employees
  13. Communicate appropriately with the media
  14. Identify the five conflict management styles and when each can be used effectively
  15. Explain the importance of progressive discipline and steps to take when disciplining

Dates: Feb 22-26, 2021

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 40

Location: Idaho Falls Police Department Training Annex, 740 Park Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Cost: FREE

(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)


Instructor(s): ICRMP Chad Sarmento

Remarks: To register for this course, contact IFPD Training Coordinator Lori Posey at lposey@idahofallsidaho.gov or phone 208-612-8619