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R4 How to Spot the School Shooter- Idaho Falls (Moved from July date)

Bonneville County Sheriff's Office Annex 577 D St., Idaho Falls, ID

Course Number: R4230E Course Description: Why attend how to spot the school shooter? You can't stop a threat if you don't understand the threat! School shooters are not attacking schools because of violent video games, easy access to guns, medication, or because they're loners, been bullied, or have suffered personal trauma. It's just not true. […]

R2 Advanced School Resource Officer

Ada County Sheriff's Office 7200 Barrister Drive, Boise, ID

Course Number:   246 Description:   Advanced School Resource Officer training The NASRO Advanced  School Resource  Officers Course  is a twenty-four  hour (24) block of instruction that focuses on more advanced techniques for the  School Resource Officer. Topics covered include law updates, technology and social media,  improving  communication with administrators  and  information on current youth-related topics. Participants […]

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