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R4 Less Lethal Instructor Program (Defense Technology)- Idaho Falls

Bonneville County Sheriff's Ammon Field Office 3750 E. Lincoln Road, Idaho Falls, United States

Course Number:R4309A Course Description: Our hallmark ICP Instructor Program provides the necessary training for a changing world. This course is comprised of four 8-hour instructor-level classes covering OC Aerosols, Impact Munitions, Chemical Munitions and Distraction Device® Munitions. The student will acquire instructor-level knowledge of Defense Technology® products, both technically and tactically, along with the skills […]

R2 Less Lethal Armorers Course – Safarliland

Boise PD Range 5958 West Kuna Mora Road, Kuna, ID, United States

Course Number: 257A Course Description: The use of 40mm launchers by law enforcement has significantly increased across the country as departments realize the safe and effective less lethal benefits they offer. This course will ensure the student is able to perform up to Level Three maintenance on the new LMT 14xx series, and 37mm and […]

R4 Combined Tactical Systems (CTS) Three Day Less-Lethal Instructor Certification Program- CANCELLED

Pocatello Police Department 911 N. 7th Ave., Pocatello, ID, United States

Course Number: R4315 Course Description: OC/Aerosol, Impact Munition, Chemical Munitions, Flashbang/Stingball This 3-day Instructor Certification Program is taught on an 8 hour/day basis and is designed for officers with a desire to obtain their less-lethal instructor certification. Course includes both classroom and range exercises focusing on the history, nomenclature, applications,use of force considerations, training and […]

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