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R1 TASER Instructor Training – Post Falls

Post Falls Police Department 1717 E. Polston Ave, Post Falls, ID, United States

  Course Number:   R1 337 Description:  This training is for new and recertifying instructors for all CEW’s. Dates: June 15th, 2022 Time:  0800-1700 Credit Hours: 8 Location: Post Falls PD 1717 E. Polston Ave Post Falls, ID Cost:    $375   (Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging) Deadline: 05/30/2022 Instructors: Mike Partipilo Registration Details: Remarks:


R2 Implicit Bias: Practical Applications for LE

Meridian Police Department 1223 E Watertower Street, Meridian, ID, United States

Course ID:  116 Implicit Bias - Flyer Course Description: -Compare /contrast implicit and explicit bias. -Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of implicit biases. -Assess how implicit bias can affect decision making. -Using a case study, identify how implicit bias affected the behavior of a law enforcement professional. -Mitigate implicit bias through mental triggers Dates: 16-17 […]

R2 Intermediate SWAT- Caldwell 2022

Gem State Academy 16115 South Montana Avenue, Caldwell, ID, United States

Course Number:  R2 270 Description:  Intermediate SWAT Training This POST certified 4 day 40 hour course is designed to provide knowledge and training to further develop officers assigned to a Special Weapons and Tactics Unit. This course is intended for tactical teams with basic understanding of SWAT operations.  The course will be taught by members […]

R4 Introduction to Shooting Reconstruction- Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Police Department Training Annex 740 Park Ave., Idaho Falls, ID, United States

Course Number: R4228E Course Description: Course overview For CSI’s and Detectives to analyze a shooting incident scene effectively, they need skills in recognizing and documenting the physical characteristics associated with firearms and projectiles. This 32 hour course prepares students to handle large scale shooting scenes by building skills in firearms evidence recognition, documentation and analysis. […]

R4 Basic Crash Investigations (80 Hour Course)- CANCELLED

Bonneville County Sheriff's Ammon Field Office 3750 E. Lincoln Road, Idaho Falls, United States

Course Number: R4101 Course Description: This course will provide you with the necessary skills, techniques, and information to conduct a thorough traffic crash investigation and properly document your findings for courtroom presentation. The course is also the first in a series of three needed to become an accident reconstructionist. We will show you the proper […]

R4 Unmanned Aircraft Systems April Training Night- Shelley

North Bingham County HistoricalPark 587 E. 1250 N., Shelley, ID, United States

Course Number: R4123 Course Description: Flying safely in our national air space requires knowledge and skill. The FAA’s Part 107 written test ensures remote pilots understand air space restrictions and safety precautions. This course introduces a basic skills test, using standard test methods, for remote pilots to evaluate “positive aircraft control” at all times and […]

R1 Law and Legal Update – CDA

Idaho State Police D-1 CDA 615 W. Wilbur Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Course Number  : R1   233 Description: The current law and legal update training by Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson   Dates: June 21, 2022 Time: 0900-1130 Credit Hours: 2.5 Location: Idaho State Police D-1 615 W. Wilbur Ave. Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815   Cost:          Tuition Free           (Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging) […]


R2 Leadership Institute for First Line and New Supervisors

Caldwell Police Department 110 South 5th Avenue, Caldwell, ID, United States

Course Number:  602 Description:   Leadership Institute for First Line and New Supervisors Leadership is influence. Each of us has the power of influence. Becoming a leader you must recognize the potential in others, not to mention yourself. Accepting a new leadership position can be the most demanding and yet receive the least training. It is […]

R2 805 FBI-LEEDA Command Leadership Institute – Nampa

Nampa Police Department 820 2nd Street South, Nampa, ID, United States

Course Number: R2  805   Description: The FBI LEEDA Command Leadership Institute is an inspiring and dynamic 4½-day course specifically and uniquely designed to prepare law enforcement leaders for command level positions. As part of the Trilogy-series of leadership courses, the Command Leadership Institute focuses on real-life contemporary strategies and techniques for those aspiring to […]

R2 Pepper Ball Instructor Train the Trainer Course – Meridian

Ada County Sherriff's Training Center 125 Taylor Ave, Suite 600, Meridian, ID, United States

Course Number:    R2-309A Description:  PepperBall Instructor Course  Course Objectives To give our certifying instructors the knowledge and tools needed to create a safe and practical users course at their respective agencies To understand the operation and maintenance of the PepperBall system.  Role of the Instructor PepperBall instructors may only certify operators at their own agency. […]

R4 Behavioral Interviewing- Pocatello FREE

Pocatello Police Department 911 N. 7th Ave., Pocatello, ID, United States

Course Number: R4227A Course Description: Behavioral interviewing process. Dates: June 28, 2022 Times: 0800-1700 Credit Hours: 8 Location: Pocatello Police Department Training Room, 911 N. 7th Ave., Pocatello, ID 83201 Cost: (Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging) Deadline: June 20, 2022 Instructor(s): Michael Ballard, PhD., Pocatello PD Remarks: To register for this course, […]

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