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R3 255 ISA Year 2022 Detention Training – Elmore CSO CANCELLED 02/28/22

Elmore County Sheriff's Office 2255 East 8th North, Mountain Home, ID

Course Number:   R3  255 Description:  ISA Year 2022 Detention Officer Training Idaho Sheriff's Association annual 16 hours of training for Detention Officers. 4 hours training in each of the following: Advanced Restraints Suicide & Mental Health Intervention Cross Gender & Transgender Searches PREA & Victim Services, A Trauma Informed Approach -   Dates:  May […]

R3 228 Sex Crimes for Patrol and New Investigators

Jerome County Sheriff's Office 2151 South Tiger Drive, Jerome, ID

Course Number: R3 228 Description: Sex Crimes for Patrol and New Investigators Training is a very intense seminar that is both informative and hands on. Sex crimes are some of the most complex and complicated crimes you will have to respond to in your career.  It is very important that the students understand that this […]

R3 Western States LE Sniper Symposium

Ohio Gulch Shooting Range, Hailey, ID

Course Number: R3 407 Description: This school is designed for both the beginning sniper and the advanced sniper and their commanders, to hone their individual skills and their team work. Students and commanders will attend seminars conducted by trainers from around the USA as well as time on the range training students in numerous shooting, […]


Rupert Police Department 633 Fremont Ave, Rupert, ID

Course Number: R3 121D ARIDE Training Description: This course will train law enforcement officers to observe, identify, and articulate the signs of impairment related to drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both, in order to reduce the number of impaired driving incidents as well as crashes which result in serious injuries and fatalities.  In addition, […]

R3 259 Performance Pistol

Cassia County Sheriff's Office 129 East 14th Street, Burley, ID

Course Number: R3 259 Description:  Most law enforcement firearms training does not reflect what really occurs during actual officer involved shootings.  Much of law enforcement firearms training consist of qualification only.  The qualification time limits are generous. Police shooting tend to be rapid fire at close to medium range.  The courts have ruled qualifications are not […]

R3 315 Less Lethal Instructor Program – Kimberly

Rock Creek Fire District Office 1559 Main Street North, Kimberly, ID

Course Number: R3 315 Description: The Less Lethal Instructor Program provides the necessary training for a changing world.  This course is comprised of four 8-hour instructor-level classes covering OC Aerosols, Impact Munitions, Chemical Munitions and Distraction Device Munitions.  the student will acquire instructor level knowledge of Defense Technology products, both technically and tactically, along with […]

R3 228L Forensic Nurses and Law Enforcement: The intersection of healthcare and criminal justice Cancelled August 15th

Minidoka County Fire Station 1120 21st Street, Heyburn

Course Number: R3  228L Description: What a SANE can (and can't ) do for you, the hearsay exemption and how healthcare protects that privilege, what exactly happens during a sexual assault exam, how the Trauma Response affects victim's behavior(s), your role in strangulation, false reports, and preventing vicarious trauma. Dates: August 16, 2022 Time: 1300-1600 […]

R3 259 Shaw Shooting Advanced LEO Firearms Training

Shaw Shooting 834 East 2700 South, Hagerman, ID

Course Number: R3 259 Description: The goal of this training is to familiarize officers with the necessary training to effectively and accurately utilize their issued firearms. Additionally, this training will grant each officer an excelled ability to protect themselves, civilians, and other officers in the line of duty. Dates: August 22 - 26, 2022.  Officers […]

R3 601 Kaminsky Field Training Officer Course

Jerome County Sheriff's Office 2151 South Tiger Drive, Jerome, ID

Course Number: R3 601 Kaminsky Field Training Officer Course Description: Utilizing the San Jose Model, the five-day Field Training Officer Seminar is designed for the new FTO and FTO Supervisor. Topics Include Organizational Structure of a Successful Field Training & Evaluation Program The Role of Supervision/Management The Evaluation Process: Achieving Objectivity Dates: September 26-30, 2022 […]

R3 309A Pistol Red Dot (RDS) Instructor Course

Twin Falls PD 321 2nd Ave. E., Twin Falls, ID

Course Number: R3 309A Description:  To provide students with the information, techniques, and hands-on experience needed to effectively use a handgun equipped with a red dot sight (RDS).  This course will train students in the nomenclature, function, and use of handguns equipped with a red dot sight (RDS).  This course will also prepare the students […]

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