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R3 315 Less Lethal Instructor Program – Kimberly

Rock Creek Fire District Office 1559 Main Street North, Kimberly, ID

Course Number: R3 315 Description: The Less Lethal Instructor Program provides the necessary training for a changing world.  This course is comprised of four 8-hour instructor-level classes covering OC Aerosols, […]

R3 259 Shaw Shooting Advanced LEO Firearms Training

Shaw Shooting 834 East 2700 South, Hagerman, ID

Course Number: R3 259 Description: The goal of this training is to familiarize officers with the necessary training to effectively and accurately utilize their issued firearms. Additionally, this training will […]

R3 601 Kaminsky Field Training Officer Course

Jerome County Sheriff's Office 2151 South Tiger Drive, Jerome, ID

Course Number: R3 601 Kaminsky Field Training Officer Course Description: Utilizing the San Jose Model, the five-day Field Training Officer Seminar is designed for the new FTO and FTO Supervisor. […]

R3 309A Pistol Red Dot (RDS) Instructor Course

Twin Falls PD 321 2nd Ave. E., Twin Falls, ID

Course Number: R3 309A Description:  To provide students with the information, techniques, and hands-on experience needed to effectively use a handgun equipped with a red dot sight (RDS).  This course […]

R3 240D Advanced Criminal Enforcement Interdiction Tactics

Cassia County Sheriff's Office 129 East 14th Street, Burley, ID

Course Number: R3 240D Description:  The Interdictor - What it takes Observing pre-stop behavior The traffic stop Roadside conversation Managing the first impression - a smuggler's tactic Factors of criminal […]

Property and Evidence Management for Law Enforcement Agencies

Idaho POST Academy 700 South Stratford Drive, Meridian, ID

Course Number:    R2 243 Description:   This 2-day course offered by the International Association of Property and Evidence provides training for Law Enforcement Personnel responsible for, or actively involved in, the […]

R3 280 Aquatic Death and Homicidal Drowning Investigations

West End Fire 152 South 600 West, Paul

Course Number: R3 280 Description: On January 18th and 19th, the Minidoka County Sheriff's Office is hosting Lifeguard Systems, Aquatic Death and Homicidal Drowning Investigation Program.  This two-day (16hour) program […]

R3 253 White Collar Investigation

Jerome County Sheriff's Office 2151 South Tiger Drive, Jerome, ID

Course Number: R3 253 Description: Provide insight into the type of cases we open and evidence needed for prosecution as well as FBI investigative priorities.  Review current fraud trends that […]

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