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R4 Fundamentals of Realistic De-Escalation- Chubbuck Cancelled for lack of registration

December 13, 2022

Course Number: R4105C

Course Description:

This course is modeled on the Force Science Realistic De-Escalation Instructor Course. The course will use the Force Science Fundamentals of Realistic De-Escalation training materials, used with permission of Force Science. This course will qualify for mandatory instructor training for Firearms, ARCON, Use of Force, Less Lethal Weapons, Tactical Team, Taser, Aerosol Weapons.

Course Goal

This program is meant for first-response professionals and is designed to give them the necessary skills to accurately assess individual actions during potentially violent confrontations and, when feasible, defuse them with easy-to-grasp tactics that will avoid use-of-force crises. The course uses science to help law enforcement officers enhance their de-escalation efforts. The scientific principles are meant for application in officer training and in the field.

People who complete this course will be able to apply an understanding of human factors and performance research to challenging situations with individuals in the midst of a crisis. Comprehending the most effective resolutions to such encounters is beneficial for all parties, and equipping officers with as much knowledge as possible about these scenarios is a way to promote the safety of everyone involved.

Course Objectives

Students who successfully complete the one-day training will be able to:

  • Articulate what “de-escalation” actually means, what its objectives are and in what situations they can and cannot consider it.
  • Discuss the tactical principles of de-escalation, risk assessment and decision-making.
  • Quickly evaluate an interaction to determine whether de-escalation is reasonable to consider, tactically practical and likely to be successful.
  • Apply concepts from the Force Science approach, such as the “Response-ability Zone” and the “7 Ts De-Escalation Evaluation Model” to evaluate tactics that are needed or likely to be successful in supporting a de-escalation process.
  • Make better connections, establish rapport and use effective principles of persuasion when dealing with difficult subjects, including those who are mentally ill, through the application of the “Behavior Influence Stairway Model.”
  • Enhance de-escalation efforts by strategically combining human performance research findings, observations of subject behavior and psychological tactics for negotiation and influence.
  • Apply the “Thought/Emotion Behavior” (TEB) Matrix to quickly recognize whether a subject is in “conflict,” “crisis” or has “contaminated” thinking, and therefore which strategies of persuasion are most likely to be effective.
  • Better ensure that officers’ approach and control strategies maximize their response options while minimizing the potential for unnecessary emotional or physical escalation.
  • Balance the desirability of trying to resolve a conflict peacefully with the need to maintain officer and public safety.
  • Recognize and list common barriers to effective communication that officers often use unintentionally, promoting better practices such as active listening.
  • Discuss how professional de-escalation techniques embrace the concepts of “fair and impartial” and “rightful policing” principles.
  • Assist investigators and other personnel reviewing uses of force to recognize the pivotal behavioral and situational factors that must go into an assessment of whether de-escalation efforts might have been feasible or potentially effective.
  • Help community members and media outlets better understand what realistic de-escalation entails and the challenges that subjects may present that can inhibit, if not prohibit, an officer’s ability to safely de-escalate.

Dates: December 13, 2022

Times: 0800-1700

Credit Hours: 8


Chubbuck City Hall
290 East Linden Avenue
Chubbuck, Idaho 83202


Cost:   $100.00        Payable to IDAHO POST
(Attendees are responsible for meals, travel, and/or lodging)

Deadline:    December 10, 2022  class is limited to 50 students.

Instructor(s): Matt Bloodgood



Chubbuck City Hall
290 E. Linden
Chubbuck, ID 83202 United States
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This event has been canceled.

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