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Course Number: R3301C18
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Use of Force Instructor Refresher


This is the new use of force course which will be presented to Basic Academy students. The course is based on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Use of Force (Legal Aspects) and Use of Force (Practical Aspects) training.

This training is presented as it would be to students in the POST Basic Academy program.  Although priority will be given to current instructors, this class is open to students who are not currently instructors.

The course will present use of force instructors, particularly those with the high liability training requirements, with the entire course material.

Topics covered will include-

  • When a seizure triggers the 4th Amendment
  • Graham v Connor and other critical use of force cases
  • Deadly force
  • Qualified Immunity
  • Use of force myths
  • Human Performance
  • Decision Making

Completion of this course is required for anyone who teaches use of force,

or other high liability topics, at the POST Academy, starting with the new

academy program on January 7, 2019.  Completion of this course will also

be required for any instructor teaching at any of the College programs by August 2019.


Completion of this course also fulfills the continuing education requirement

for Instructors with High Liability endorsements in firearms, defensive tactics, conducted energy devices, and EVOC.



Completion of this course will not certify students to be a POST Certified Instructor in Use of Force.



Dates: December 18 - 19, 2018


Credit Hours:



Hepworth Building

College of Southern Idaho Campus

315 Falls Avenue

Twin Falls, Idaho



Tuition Free

Travel, meals, and lodging are the responsibility of the agency and student.

Deadline: class location changed and the number of seats available has increased

Matt Bloodgood, Idaho POST


Use the registration link provided above


For additional information regarding the training facility or local accommodations, please contact:  John Lamm


John Lamm:                        Phone: 208-324-6049
POST Region 3, 218 West Yakima, Jerome ID 83338

Janie Kirtley:   Phone: 208.884.7322 

ROSTER: Students/Agencies

This roster is updated Weekly. Please check back
the following week if your name does not appear

                                                                         Last updated 12/13/18

# Student Agency Paid
1 Mecham,  Bradley BLAINE CSO YES
2 Pritchard, Josh BLAINE CSO YES
3 Shaw, James  BLAINE CSO YES
4 Sorenson, Jason BONNEVILLE CSO YES
5 Barnes, Kirk CASSIA CSO YES
6 Emery, Kenneth CASSIA CSO YES
7 Horak, Kevin CASSIA CSO YES
8 Phillips, Michael CASSIA CSO YES
9 Rogers, Jason CASSIA CSO YES
10 Taylor, Shannon CASSIA CSO YES
11 Weber, Chris CASSIA CSO YES
12 Storm, Robert  CSI YES
13 Maydole, Levi CUSTER CSO YES
14 Vanleeuwen, Jason FILER PD YES
15 Boyer, Alex GOODING CSO YES
16 Kiger, Dave GOODING CSO YES
17 Shiner, Noah HEYBURN PD YES
18 Head, Alex IDFG YES
19 O'Connell, Matt IDFG YES
20 Rogers, Clint IDFG YES
21 Roos, Meghan IDFG YES
22 Sedlmayr, Zacary IDFG YES
23 Sterling, Jim IDFG YES
24 Everett, John IDOC YES
25 Fatzinger, Casey IDOC YES
26 Fitzhugh, Maria IDOC yes
27 Gambill, Matt IDOC YES
28 Graff, Jonathan IDOC YES
29 Higley, Mike IDOC YES
30 Kraning, Jonathan IDOC YES
31 LaMott, Brenda IDOC YES
32 Mayer, TJ IDOC YES
33 Neumeyer, Frank IDOC YES
34 Ramondetta, JT IDOC YES
35 Taylor, Julie IDOC YES
36 Zelenka, Jim IDOC YES
37 Alboucq, Michael IDOC  YES
38 Bird, Tobin IDOC  YES
39 Waite, Russ IDOC  YES
40 Endres, Aaron ISP YES
41 Thompson, Keith ISP YES
42 Taylor, Gary JEROME CSO YES
43 Wethern, Jason JEROME CSO YES
44 Gratzer, Anthony JEROME PD YES
45 Hall, Dan JEROME PD YES
46 Rubink, Duane JEROME PD YES
47 Hansen, Steve  KETCHUM PD YES
48 Schiers, Andrew KETCHUM PD YES
49 Bunderson, Sjuni KIMBERLY PD YES
50 Volger, Jesse KIMBERLY PD YES
51 Crockett, Josh MINI-CASSIA CJC YES
52 Bourn, Dustin MINIDOKA CSO YES
53 Cobbley, Rob MINIDOKA CSO YES
55 Owen, Elliot MINIDOKA CSO YES
56 Pinther, Dave MINIDOKA CSO YES
59 Martin, Bryce NAMPA PD YES
60 Reusze, Richard  RUPERT PD YES
61 Smith, Steve RUPERT PD YES
62 Olsen, Travis SUN VALLEY PD YES
63 Orchard, Kim SUN VALLEY PD YES
64 Ray, Monique SUN VALLEY PD YES
65 Beem, Rick TFCSO YES
66 Hawkins, Matt TFCSO YES
67 Wiggins, Michael TFCSO YES
68 Fustos, Ronald TFPD YES
69 Garner, Dallas TFPD YES
70 Hendrickson, Justin TFPD YES
71 Morgado, Arnold TFPD YES
72 Nay, Aaron TFPD YES
73 Smriko, Aamir TFPD YES
74 Wright, Brent TFPD YES