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Course Number: R2301C
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Use of Force Instructor Refresher


This is the new use of force course which will be presented to Basic Academy students. The course is based on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Use of Force (Legal Aspects) and Use of Force (Practical Aspects) training.

This training is presented as it would be to students in the POST Basic Academy program.  Although priority will be given to current instructors, this class is open to students who are not currently instructors.

The course will present use of force instructors, particularly those with the high liability training requirements, with the entire course material.

Topics covered will include-

  • When a seizure triggers the 4th Amendment
  • Graham v Connor and other critical use of force cases
  • Deadly force
  • Qualified Immunity
  • Use of force myths
  • Human Performance
  • Decision Making

Completion of this course is required for anyone who teaches use of force,

or other high liability topics, at the POST Academy, starting with the new

academy program on January 7, 2019.  Completion of this course will also

be required for any instructor teaching at any of the College programs by August 2019.


Completion of this course also fulfills the continuing education requirement

for Instructors with High Liability endorsements in firearms, defensive tactics, conducted energy devices, and EVOC.



Completion of this course will not certify students to be a POST Certified Instructor in Use of Force.



Dates: December 10 - 11, 2018


Credit Hours:



Idaho POST Academy

BLDG 3 Classroom B

700 South Stratford Drive

Meridian, Idaho



Tuition Free

Travel, meals, and lodging are the responsibility of the agency and student.

Deadline: Register early this class is limited to 45 students

Matt Bloodgood, Idaho POST


Use the registration link provided above


For additional information regarding the training facility or local accommodations, please contact:  Jil Nichols or Janie Kirtley

For dorm accommodations please e-mail Tammy Kelly or call 208.884.7292


M. Jil Nichols:                  Phone: 208-884-7252
POST Region 2, 700 S. Stratford Dr., Meridian ID 83642

Janie Kirtley:   Phone: 208.884.7322  Fax: 208.884.7295

ROSTER: Students/Agencies

This roster is updated Weekly. Please check back
the following week if your name does not appear

                                                                         Last updated 12/06/18

# Student Agency Paid
1 Derden, Terry Ada CSO Yes
2 Klimke, Brent Ada CSO Yes
3 Davis, Chris Boise PD Yes
4 Kindelberger, Jason Boise PD Yes
5 Merrill, Mark Boise PD Yes
6 Rainford, Rob Boise PD Yes
7 Tucker, John Boise PD Yes
8 Tueber, Joel Boise PD Yes
9 Forsman, LeRoy CWI Yes
10 Mowry, Stacy CWI Yes
11 Burns, Casey Elmore CSO Yes
12 Connolly, Justin Elmore CSO Yes
13 Moore, Larry GCPD Yes
14 McCormick, Chris Idaho AG Office Yes
15 Pittz, Anthony Idaho AG Office Yes
16 Howe, Robert  IDFG Yes
17 Liss, Shane IDFG Yes
18 Wippermann, Chad IDFG Yes
19 Christensen, Nicholas IDOC Yes
20 Lewis, Lance IDOC Yes
21 Wolfe, Graye IDOC Yes
22 Tulleners, Scott ISP Yes
23 Arrasmith, Seth McCall PD Yes
24 Basterrechea, Tracy Meridian PD Yes
25 Leslie, Jaime Meridian PD Yes
26 Siems, Chris Meridian PD Yes
27 Stoffle, Eric Meridian PD Yes
28 Stokes, Berle Meridian PD Yes
29 Strolberg, Eric Meridian PD Yes
30 Hawk, Shaun MTC  Yes
31 Burns, Jamie Nampa PD Yes
32 Coleman, Aaron Nampa PD Yes
33 Friedli, Robert Nampa PD Yes
34 Parsons, John Nampa PD Yes
35 Woodbury, Leland Nampa PD Yes
36 Bishop, Greg Owyhee CSO Yes
37 Finney, Frank POST Yes
38 Graham, Kevin POST Yes
39 Namer, Rob POST Yes
40 Roper, Randy POST Yes
41 Sloan, Chad Retired Yes
42 Albanese, Charles Retired/CWI -CI Yes
43 Anderson, Jeff Washington CSO Yes
44 Loudermilk, Brendan Washington CSO Yes