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Course Number:

R1 161A

Course Name:

Use of Force Refresher


This is the new use of force course which will be presented to Basic Academy students. The course is based on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Use of Force (Legal Aspects) and Use of Force (Practical Aspects) training.

This training is presented as it would be to students in the POST Basic Academy program. The course will present use of force instructors, particularly those with the high liability training requirements, with the entire course material.

Topics covered will include-

  • When a seizure triggers the 4th Amendment
  • Graham v Connor and other critical use of force cases
  • Deadly force
  • Qualified Immunity
  • Use of force myths
  • Human Performance
  • Decision Making

Completion of this course is required for anyone who teaches use of force, or other high liability topics, at POST, beginning with the new Academy

academy program on January 7, 2019. 

Completion of this course by August of 2019 is also required for any instructor teaching at a College program.


Completion of this course may fulfill the

continuing education requirement for Instructors with High Liability endorsements in Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Conducted Energy Devices, and EVOC.



Completion of this course will not certify students to be a POST Certified Instructor in Use of Force.


February 12 -13, 2019


0800-1700 hrs

Credit Hours:

16 hrs


ISP District 1

Training room

615 West Wilbur Avenue
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


Tuition Free

Travel, meals, and/or lodging are the responsibility

of the agency and student.


Register early this class has limited seating


Matt Bloodgood, Idaho POST


POST Coordinator:  Mark Gidney


Use the link provided above to register. 


For additional information regarding the training facility or local accommodations, please contact: Mark Gidney


Mark Gidney:

POST Region 1- 615 West Wilbur Avenue, Coeur d'Alene, ID  83814
Phone: 208.209.8696

Janie Kirtley,  

or call POST's toll free number 866-670-7678


ROSTER: Students/Agencies-

This roster is updated Weekly.

Please check back the following week if your name does not appear.

Last update   01/16/19





1 Cotter, James BONNER CSO Yes
2 Deem, Shawn BONNER CSO Yes
3 Reynolds, Tim BONNER CSO Yes
4 Riffel, Tony BONNER CSO Yes
5 Van Buren, Robert BONNER CSO Yes
6 Walker, Aaron BONNER CSO Yes
7 Davis, James CALDWELL PD Yes
8 Cantrell, Jon CDA PD Yes
9 Harris, Steve CDA PD Yes
10 Petersen, Nate CDA PD Yes
11 Pleger, Jacob CDA PD Yes
12 Schmitz, Johann CDA PD Yes
13 Tenney, Anders CDA PD Yes
14 Tilson, Bill CDA PD Yes
15 Tufford, Pete CDA PD Yes
16 Walther, Jeff CDA PD Yes
17 White, Lee CDA PD Yes
18 Quintal, Mike GRANGEVILLE PD Yes
19 Augello, Sam IDAHO CSO Yes
21 Clemenhagen, Malcolm IDFG Yes
22 Cooper, Rick IDFG Yes
23 Cummings, Barry IDFG Yes
24 Haag, Matt IDFG Yes
25 Lininger, Julie IDFG Yes
26 Perkes, Brian IDFG Yes
27 Rhodes, Mark IDFG Yes
28 Stanley, Josh IDFG Yes
20 Sullivan, Randy IDFG Yes
29 Swanson, Lucas IDFG Yes
30 Walker, Craig IDFG Yes
31 Johnson, Travis  IDOC Yes
32 Schraeder, Jeff IDOC Yes
33 Berger , Paul ISP Yes
34 Hodl, Andrew ISP Yes
35 Mooney, Michael ISP Yes
36 Roberts, Gideon ISP Yes
37 Wesche, David ISP Yes
38 Ballman, Harvey KOOTENAI CSO Yes
39 Caines, Thomas KOOTENAI CSO Yes
40 Dubs, Brian KOOTENAI CSO Yes
41 Franssen, Nick KOOTENAI CSO Yes
42 Kiedrowski, Wade KOOTENAI CSO Yes
43 Klinkefus, William KOOTENAI CSO Yes
44 Miller,  Ryan KOOTENAI CSO Yes
45 Miller, Stuart KOOTENAI CSO Yes
46 Norris, Nathan KOOTENAI CSO Yes
47 Stach, John KOOTENAI CSO Yes
48 Stinebaugh, Dennis KOOTENAI CSO Yes
49 Hutchison, Keith KOOTENAI K9 AMP Yes
50 Anderson, Shane LATAH CSO Yes
51 Pannell, Greg LATAH CSO Yes
52 Stinebaugh, Matthew LATAH CSO Yes
53 Aubertin, Trent LEWISTON PD Yes
54 Gobbi, Dave LEWISTON PD Yes
55 Ward, Zach LEWISTON PD Yes
56 Bigger, Derek NEZ PERCE CSO Yes
57 Clizer, John NEZ PERCE CSO Yes
58 Dupea, Patrick NEZ PERCE CSO Yes
59 O'Toole, Ryan NEZ PERCE CSO Yes
60 Cleveland, Derek NIC Yes
61 Swanson, Fred NIC YES
62 Holdahl, Tami PINEHURST PD Yes
63 Gidney, Mark POST Yes
64 Bowne, Frank POST FALLS PD Yes
65 Johnson, Brad POST FALLS PD Yes
66 Sporleder, Alexander POST FALLS PD Yes
67 Sullivan, Pat POST/NIC Yes
68 McLain, Andrew PRIEST RIVER PD Yes
69 Friis, Brandon RATHDRUM PD Yes
70 Ray, Bill RATHDRUM PD Yes
71 Giffin, Dave SANDPOINT PD Yes
72 Hutter, Michael SANDPOINT PD Yes
73 Ziegler, Skylar SANDPOINT PD Yes
74 Marlow, Taylor SHOSHONE CSO Yes