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What Is The National Decertification Index (NDI)
 — DOJ/IADLEST Database —


For the past 10 years, the U.S. Department of Justice  and the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST), the association of the 50 state POST Directors, have been developing a database of decertified officers to aid the effort to prevent officers determined to be “bad cops” from moving from department to department and state to state.  The database, administered by IADLEST, is called the National Decertification Index database (NDI).  The database is available to the POST directors, and is a tool to be referenced during background investigation checks by state and local agencies.  At the present time, 26 states are regular contributors to the NDI database, and it has been accessed by nearly 46 states for background investigation purposes.

POST encourages Idaho law enforcement agencies to make NDI checks a mandatory part of their pre-employment background investigation process.  NDI has a proven track-record in stopping the “Bad Cop” phenomenon from occurring in other states.  At the present time, NDI Checks must be conducted through the state POST agency.

Idaho law enforcement agencies can make NDI checks by going to the POST website and clicking on the “Professional Standards” portal, and selecting the “NDI Checks” portal.  Complete the required information on the portal; the information will be forwarded to POST Certification staff.  POST staff will conduct the NDI Check and respond back to the agency background investigator.

A “hit” on the NDI database only provides the name of referencing state that entered information on the officer and contact information for investigators to acquire more information regarding the reason for entry into the NDI system.  It is the responsibility of the agency conducting background investigations to contact the referencing state for further information.
The NDI system is only a tool in the effort to ensure a professional criminal justice system.  It is the employing agency’s responsibility to determine what efforts should be taken to demonstrate adequate and reasonable hiring practices in hiring law enforcement officers worthy of serving the public.

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