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How do I become a certified officer in Idaho?

To become an Idaho certified patrol and/or detention officer there are several options that can be pursued and are detailed below.

Patrol & Detention Certification:

You must meet the minimum standards for employment as an officer in the state of Idaho. To review the minimum standards for employment you can click on "Admin Rules" on the home page. Once the new page opens, click on 11.11.01. After the document opens, review rules .050-.065.  The rules can also be accessed with the following link:


Challenge for Certification: IDAPA (Patrol) or (Detention)

If you are currently a certified peace officer and/or detention deputy in another state, you have the option of challenging the basic academy for certification in Idaho. In order to challenge for certification, you need to first be hired by a duly constituted Idaho law enforcement agency.  Your hiring agency will then assist you through the challenge process which will consist of a Challenge Application, where minimum standards are verified and your previous training will be compared to Idaho POST’s basic academy curriculum.  During this process you will have to complete Idaho law and U.S. Constitution classes.  Once your packet is cleared you will be take a battery of tests:





Law Week Exam

Law Week Exam


Challenge Exam

Challenge Exam




Hired by an agency:

Another way to obtain certification in Idaho is to first be hired by a duly constituted Idaho Law Enforcement Agency.  Your hiring agency will then sponsor you through the Idaho POST Basic Academy located in Meridian, ID.  This process will require you to submit an application verifying minimum standards are met, complete online courses, and begin the Basic Academy within six-months of your date of hire.


Certified College Program: IDAPA

Completing one of the four Idaho POST certified law enforcement college programs will meet the basic training requirement to become an Idaho certified officer.  Applying to and acceptance by the college is required.  The college LE program will assist you in submitting your POST application verifying minimum standards are met including a criminal background check and polygraph.  To obtain Idaho POST Basic Certification, you would have to be hired with a duly constituted Idaho Law Enforcement Agency within three-years of the college LE program completion, successfully complete the Field Training Officer program, and complete a mandatory six-month probation with your hiring agency.

Idaho POST Approved College Law Enforcement Programs:
North Idaho College – Coeur d’Alene, ID  (PATROL ONLY)
College of Western Idaho – Nampa, ID  (PATROL, RESERVE, & DETENTION)
College of Southern Idaho – Twin Falls, ID  (PATROL, RESERVE, & DETENTION)
Idaho State University – Pocatello, ID   (PATROL, RESERVE, & DETENTION)


Can I apply for a POST-issued retirement card?

Due to budget and staffing constraints, the POST Retirement Recognition Program has been discontinued.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The POST retirement cards no longer act as an officer’s permit to carry a concealed weapon. The credentials needed for a retired officer to carry a concealed weapon must come from the agency they are retiring from. If you have any questions regarding authorization to carry a concealed weapon as a retired officer, please refer to Idaho Code 18-3302H.


How do I request copies of my POST training record and/or POST-issued certificates?

Agency Level:  At least one individual within your agency, usually the agency head or training department, has access to POST training records, and they will be able to print you a current copy of your POST training record. 
POST HQ:  You can also call the POST main line (208-884-7250) to request a digital copy of your POST training record or a copy of a POST-issued certificate. 
Public Records Request:  With the following link you will also be able to request a copy of your POST training record and/or copies of your POST-issued certificates.  Please be specific in your request and accurate with your contact information.

If you request a copy of a POST-issued certificate, you will receive a copy of the scanned original certificate. POST cannot re-create the original of a requested certificate. Please be advised that POST does not retain copies of all certificates issued for other POST-certified training.


How can I request reservations for a dorm room, classroom, or use of the training facilities?

At the following link you will find information regarding the POST facilities located on the ISP campus in Meridian, ID.  On this page you will also find links to a Facilities Calendar and the Facilities Request page.


What is the Address Confidentiality Application for Law Enforcement, and how do I use it?

This form is available for commissioned officers wishing to use the mailing address of their employer rather than their residential address as the officer’s official address. Blank applications can be found on the POST web site on the Forms, etc. page. The application is only for submission to public agencies, and not for private companies. The instructions at the top of the application are straightforward, but there are several things to keep in mind.   

  • Retired officers are NOT eligible. 
  • When listing other household members, please include last names, especially if they are different from the officer’s last name.
  • The completed applications should be signed by the agency head. 
  • The applicant should keep the original, signed application.
  • The applicant should make copies of the original completed application and submit a copy to each public agency to whom the request is made.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to do this.
  • Do NOT send the application to POST. Any forms received by POST will be sent back to the applicant.
  • An officer who has submitted an application pursuant to Idaho Code 19-5803 shall continue to provide his or her current Idaho residential street address to POST.
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